Vessel Detail Form

Sports Fishing Club of Tasmania - Vessel Detail Form

  • It is a requirement by Sports Fishing Club of Tasmania Inc that you supply us with the full details of your vessel including copy of your latest marine insurance policy, registration details of your boat, trailer and your tow vehicle. A recent colour image / photo of your vessel will be required for safety reasons which will be added to our data base and website member records. By providing us with this information may one day save your life or your crews, we value safety.
  • Vessel Details

  • Tow Vehicle Details

  • All vessel Owners must provide evidence of full comprehensive marine insurance before they are entered in any of the Clubs competitions, events or rallies. All Vessels “must” comply with all minimum safety regulations as outlined by MAST (Marine & Safety Tasmania) Offshore & Inshore boating requirements.
  • I agree that my vessel is fully insured and meets all MAST Offshore & Inshore boating requirements. I am proficient in using a marine radio and using my vessels safety equipment.